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The Americas // Grand Opening //

The Americas // Grand Opening //

August 11, 2016

In our search for a new frontier, Chief Products has landed in North America. And like the explorers & adventurers that landed before us, we’ve come to trade with the natives and hopefully expand our tribe to include those who share our fire.

Since opening our doors a little over 3 years ago, our team has endeavoured to introduce Chief Products culture of creativity, authenticity, openness and rumbling appetite for adventure to an ever growing international audience, by building products that enable and inspire adventurous souls to venture out and experience the beauty and freedom of nature.

From day one our goal has been to create epic products, have an insane amount of fun, and bring everyone along for the ride. Today we put a call out to the willing… join us.

Nothing but dirt trails from here on...

Taking the long way home.

Surrounded by painted skies and distant rocky trails, it feels right to have our new base of operations for The Americas in Arizona. We’ve already begun partnering with some exceptionally talented and enthusiastic people who share our passion for dust filled adventures.

Kevin Fell is a dead-set legend that we’ve enjoyed collaborating with to bring our products to the USA. His team at kevinsoffroad.com understand great customer service and seem to understand exactly what we’re trying to build. There’s no doubt, we’ll be the first to put our hands up the next time he heads out for 2 weeks on the Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route.

Todd Holzwarth has a knack for creating slick off-road machines, which makes us kindred spirits. Once we started working together on the WK2 Project we realised he’s also a pretty good bloke.

Its simple really.  This is OEM+.  This is what I believe Jeep should offer as an available package, for the enthusiast.  Not everyone wants a Wrangler.  I wanted a great looking, nice driving, SUV...that was extremely capable off-road.  Well, here it is.  In its stock form, a GC is plenty capable...however, it can always be better.  This is no mall crawler.  I use my Jeep on the trails, in the hills, through rivers and anywhere else I want to go.  I explore, and enjoy the vastly different landscapes Arizona has to offer.

This build is not the typical trailer-queen-beauty-pageant-polish-off, it’s an internally combustible rock crawler with large rubber and real dirt under the frame. If you're keen to perv photos of Todd's epic build, be sure follow it on Instagram via @wk2project.


Setting up operations in North America came with a lot of challenges, but the Chief Products team was dedicated to providing our new American mates with the same ease-of-use and great customer service we’re known for in Australia.

Cheaper and faster is normally the type of service you want from your local bar keep, but we’re hoping it’s also the way you like your shipping. We’ve negotiated with USPS and UPS to provide top-notch discounted shipping rates for our new found American mates. * In some cases, these new North American shipping services are 90% cheaper and 3 times faster than the international shipping options we offer from our Australian warehouse.

We’ve stocked our new North American warehouse with a collection of our most popular products, but our initial stock is limited. If you’re dying to get your hands on some Chief Products gear, we encourage you to get your order in early. We’ll be sending more stock as soon as we can, but for now availability is limited.

If you already have an account on the Chief Products website, you’ll need to go to the USA Web Shop and reset your password. Other than that everything should just work. Enjoy!

Ladies and gentlemen, Chief Products has landed in North America. If you’d like to partner with us, join our team, share an adventure or provide us with inspiration we’d love to hear from you.

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Jay Soares
Jay Soares

August 18, 2016

I’m so amped for this finally someone making more custom parts and accessories for the WK2 check me out on Instagram @ BadAssWk2

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