Bill Mackin Profile

Bill Mackin

Co-Founder and 'Chief' Executive

Bill Mackin, a ward of the high desert, was born and raised in The Motor City (Detroit). He chased internal combustion adventures from a young age, but it was his passion for design and larger-than-life experiences that propelled him West to Silicon Valley during the dot com boom of the late 90s. His quest for accelerated adventures eventually drove him South to Southern California, where he helped build successful outcomes for a who's who list of youth culture and actions sports brands.

In his never ending pursuit for the next horizon, Bill jumped the Pacific Ocean to chase the enduring allure of outback adventure, white sandy beaches and never ending supply of camaraderie and warm water ocean curls in Australia.

In 2013, armed with nearly 3 decades of experience driving business growth, leading teams and building brands, Bill founded Chief Products. He set out to create an off-road adventure brand, but he also wanted to create something bigger than a brand; a culture of enthusiasm for outdoor adventures - inspired by creativity, inclusion and a genuine passion for life.

Bill is Chief Products patriarch. A dedicated artisan who craves the roar of adventure as well as the simple happy pleasures in life. If he's not at his desk designing the next (r)evolution, he's probably out on the trails finding something others have lost.

Samantha Mackin Profile

Samantha Mackin

Co-Founder and 'Chief' Financial Officer

Samantha is an intuitive, intelligent and driven woman who has travelled the world and brings great experience and a rare exuberance. She has extensive experience in client/customer relations, global markets, managing currency exposure, business development and finance management.

Prior to founding Chief Products, Samantha spent 10+ years as a Senior Financial Advisor, helping high net worth clients navigate the equities, options, futures and FX markets. Her performance during the Global Financial Crisis in 2007-2008 gained her recognition and propelled her into senior positions at some of the largest brokerage houses in the world.

Ben Grams Profile

Ben Grams

'Chief' of Engineering

Bearded world traveler, automotive product prophet and street-honest industrial engineer, Ben Grams roared into Chief Products and took over as the heart of our engineering team. His influence has propelled us forward like a large-cam V8, slick rubber and nitrous into 2nd gear. His storied career includes pitstops all over the world with companies; General Motors, Sony, Sandvik and Saab (to name a few). When we found him, he was building concept cars at General Motors Global Design Centre. Now he's applying his artistry across our entire line of enthusiastic endeavours.

The secret sauce to Ben's 25+ year career has been his ability to build teams of craftsman that know; products built by people who are passionate about life are better than products built by people who aren't. If Ben’s not using his 3D mouse to create the next best thing, he's opening eyes/doors for his 2 daughters, or throwing dirt out on the trails with his full suspension mountain bike. Ben's rumbling appetite for adventure and pursuit for the simple happy pleasures in life, fits our ethos perfectly.

Andrew Buckley Profile

Andrew Buckley

Advisory Board Member

When someone says, "Mate, you've got Buckley's" this is the guy they're talking about. If you want something done and it looks like there's no chance, this is the guy you call. He can't leap buildings in a single bound, but you might believe it if someone told you he did.

Andrew was responsible for leading the growth of Cardno from its position as a private company with a turnover of $14M and 187 employees in 1997 to being an ASX listed company with around 8000 staff and a turnover and market capitalisation of over $1B (that's Billion with a B) in 2014.

After leaving Cardno in 2014, Andrew became Executive Chairman of the ASX listed CMI Ltd (2014 to 2016), where he oversaw the electrical products division (CMI Minto) and the turnaround and divestment of the automotive products division (TJM – 4WD products).

Andrew has extensive international experience and expertise in mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, and growing businesses from the ground up in highly competitive environments.

Oh yeah... and now he's rolling the high seas with Chief Products.


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