Off-roaders, campers, fishermen, outdoorsmen, photographers, surfers and musicians: they create things, they explore, they embark on adventures and then gather around the campfire to share those experiences with their friends. This blog is our attempt to capture the warmth and glow of the campfire and share those conversations and laughter with the world.

Five days playing in the dirt with 100s of other Jeep owners from all around Australia sounded like an epic idea. So we packed the WK2 and drove 1000km south to the 2015 Jeep Jamboree.

On The Road To Jambo
We packed the essentials and made a hasty retreat away from the city sprawl in the wee hours of the morning. We were several hours down the road when the sun began to light the sky with a warm orange glow. We stopped for a quick road trip breakfast, took a few photos and then pointed the WK2 south again towards Jambo. Long stretches of flat road, small towns, wheat fields, tunnelled trees and even a few cows greeted us along the way to the gathering in Rydal, NSW.

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Sunsets & New Horizons

February 07, 2015

In all of my trips around the sun, 2014 has been the most amazing. On March 20th, I witnessed the birth of my daughter. It's cliché to say, but she truly is the best thing that's ever happened to me. Teaching her to walk, reading her a book each night before bed, seeing her smile when I walk into the room... they're always the highlights of my day. Almost equally exciting has been the launch of Chief Products. A company built for those that share an appetite for adventure, a love for nature and an enthusiasm for life. The growth and positive response to my passionate endeavour has been wonderfully satisfying.

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