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Camp Coffs // 2017 //

Camp Coffs // 2017 //

April 27, 2017

Sometimes there’s nothing better than packing the 4WD with gear/family/friends and spending 5 days out on the trails and camped under the stars. This Easter we skipped the bunny festivities and returned to the crooked trails surrounding Coffs Harbour for the 14th Annual Camp Coffs.

Thursday was a bit of whirlwind. Early morning departure. Road trip breakfast. 4 hours of scenery and bad carpool karaoke. Arrival and handshakes. Setting up camp. Chopping it up with old friends. Making new friends and drinking beer.

Camp came to life early. The weather was perfect and there were clearly lots of Jeepers anxious to get out on the trails. At air down, the Chief Products WK2 was still looking freshly polished. Our plan was to point our 32s down every mud covered track we could find and return to camp that afternoon looking ready-for-dinner.

After a great day out on the trails, our good friend Jy from Lone Star Rib House invited us to his camp for a feast with close friends and family. Perfect meal after a big day on the trails.

We decided to forego the trails on Saturday and instead loaded the BBQ Smoker with Pork Ribs & Chickens. They cooked low & slow all day, while we drank beer and Scotch. The smell was amazing and opening the smoker to check on the meat became a special event. Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs, XXX BBQ Sauce, Smoked BBQ Chickens, XXX BBQ White Sauce, Potato Salad and Cold Beer. It was all free. Our contribution to the Camp Coffs experience. We ended up with quite a few extra chairs around our campfire that evening. It was great to bring everyone together, watch the kids play, hear tall tales from the days adventures and see a host of smiling faces. It was such a success we’re planning an even bigger version next year. If you haven’t been to Camp Coffs, 2018 might be a good time to start.

After a day at camp, it felt good to be back on the trails. The tracks were a bit more challenging today, but the Chief Products WK2 never let us down. Big muddy ruts and off camber hill climbs. She walked through everything we threw at her. It’s surprising how far the Jeep Grand Cherokee can go off-road with the proper tyres and protection gear.

This was our kind of event, each day we put dirt under our tyres and each evening found ourselves drinking beer and meeting new friends around the campfire. A huge applause and a firm handshake to Jeep Action Magazine for organising such an epic event. We had a damned good time and brought home a lot of good memories.

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