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Three Years of Adventure

March 06, 2017

A little over three years ago (March 1, 2014) the small but passionate team of adventurers at Chief Products toasted our first sale. On that day, beer in hand, we set-out to introduce our culture of enthusiasm and rumbling appetite for adventure to an ever-wider audience by building products that enable adventurous spirits to venture out and experience the majesty and freedom of nature.

Each year more join our ranks, pouring in their passion and enthusiasm for our cause. The Chief Products family has grown and the camaraderie built through shared experiences in far-off majestic places, hard work and tomfoolery has propelled us forward. We now have 9 major products that we’ve shipped to more than 20 countries. We’re still chasing the horizon, but looking back after three years, there’s no doubt we’re a long way from where we started.

Thanks for rolling with us. It’s been an unbelievably incredible adventure so far. Hope you’ll join us for more.

** Keep sending us photos of your #GrandAdventure. Our team is inspired by the awe-inspiring photos you send in from all around the world - Outback Australia, Tasmania, Alaska, Arizona, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Mexico, Egypt…. the list goes on. We’re planning to launch a Customer Photo Gallery later this year, so we can share all of our customers epic Grand Adventures with you.

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