We've Been Busy

November 16, 2016

It may seem like we’ve been quiet lately, but behind the scenes it’s been foot-to-the-floor, full-speed-ahead. A little over 8 months ago, we realised that growth of 300% per year (for the last 3 years in a row) meant we needed to make some changes. We needed more staff, a larger warehouse, a modernised inventory tracking system, but most importantly we needed a new factory. I’m proud to announce those changes will be 100% complete this December. We’re still not one of the big guys, but we’ve definitely taken the next step.

What does this mean for our customers? It means, we’ll be improving our products with new features while (amazingly) lowering our prices. It means, wait times for new products will be significantly reduced. It means, stock availability will remain consistent year round. It’s even enabled us to negotiate much cheaper shipping rates, (in some cases 80% cheaper).

We now have distribution centres in (3) countries and we’re looking to add (1) more. This allows us to significantly reduce the price our worldwide customers pay for shipping. The increased shipping volume has also allowed us to significantly reduce shipping costs for our Australian customers.

After 6 months researching numerous manufacturing factories, we finally found our new partner. Lower costs, reduced turn around times, new capabilities and fantastic quality. We’re very excited! We’re currently manufacturing the majority of our products and should have them available for our customers in the next few months.

We’ll be reaching out very soon to hi-light the improvements we’ve made, as well as releasing details about our new & improved product line for 2017. If 2016 was all about expanding our capabilities, 2017 is going to be all about product development and marketing. Hang-on tight, if you’re a WK2 owner it should be an exciting ride!

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