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February 25, 2015

We’re currently working on a North American warehouse for our products to help reduce shipping costs for our North American customers. To make it all work the way we want, (integrated shipping with exact shipping rates at checkout - like our current store) it will require setting up a North American version of our web store. We’ve started work on the North American web store but it will take us a bit of time to get it up-n-running. I’m hoping to have everything in place by Q1 of 2016.

In the meantime, I’ve organised a special discount for all of our North American customers, (see below). With the current exchange rate, the prices for our USA customers has come down quite a bit. In fact, our WK2 Sump Protection Plate which is $359.99 AUD is only $280.74 USD as of today. And the exchange rate is having the same effect on shipping costs.

We’ve setup our website so you can see the price in USD for all of our products, (drop down menu top right of PRODUCTS page). You can also check the exact shipping rates to your location by using our Shipping Rates Calculator, (http://www.chiefproducts.com.au/cart/#shipping). The Sea Freight option is usually the cheapest, but it’s also the slowest.

I’ve created a discount code for all of our USA customers. Enter this code at checkout for 9% off.

Discount Code = USAdiscount

Since the discount code is based on location, you’ll need to do the following steps for it to work.

2. Login and add your address to the account, (http://www.chiefproducts.com.au/account/login).
3. Add the items to your cart and checkout.
4. Enter discount code during checkout, (sometimes it only works on the 2nd page of the checkout).

I hope that helps!


UPDATE: The Chief Products North American warehouse and web shop is scheduled to open in July 2016. For that reason, we've decided to cancel the above discount code. Keep an eye out, we'll be posting information about our new North American operations very soon.



June 08, 2016

Is there an update on when the US stores will be open. We are looking forward to getting some good products from you guys.

Joe LeMaster
Joe LeMaster

March 11, 2016

Any updates on when the North American operation will be up and running? I know many WK2 owners are ready to get their hands on your products.

Matt Hickey
Matt Hickey

February 05, 2016

Really looking forward to seeing your products easily available for us Yanks. Real off road product support for the WK2 in the States is pretty slim.

Chief Team
Chief Team

November 29, 2015

Based on our current timeline our North American factory won’t be ready until the end of Q1 2016.


November 15, 2015

How’s the North American factory looking for q4 2015 shipping?

Jeff Messick
Jeff Messick

April 24, 2015

Any update on the lower front guard or the prerunner?

Natale Carabello
Natale Carabello

March 08, 2015

It’s about time a company is offering some essential products to make the WK2 even more capable

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